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Best Malmo 1 or 2 Day Travel Tips and Itinerary

Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city, with a population of 300,000. Swedish is their official language, despite this, English is the language commonly spoken among the majority of the population.

Well known for day trips from Copenhagen, thanks to the great Øresundsbron bridge, Malmo certainly has incredible attractions that can win over even the most rigorous travelers.

Thinking about it, today we gathered some tips and a suggested itinerary of 1 or 2 days in Malmo.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Malmo?

Malmo is a city with an oceanic climate, with temperatures close to 0 degrees in winter and a few hours of sunshine. Therefore, it may be a good option to avoid the most severe cold seasons.

A good suggestion is to visit this city between May and September, especially in July and August, when the temperatures are warmer and more pleasant and the days are longer.

How many days should I stay in Malmo?

As we mentioned above, it is very common to have a roundtrip in Malmo from Copenhagen. This is due to the fact that the city is very well planned in terms of transport, making it possible to easily visit the entire historic center, where the main attractions are, in one day.

However, if you are looking for a quiet stroll to enjoy the city’s parks and thoroughly investigate the city’s historic spots, two days would be ideal to not miss anything during your visit.

Where to stay in Malmo?

If you are traveling by train, it is recommended to stay in accommodations close to the central station for a better commute. If you are driving, your options are numerous as Malmo has several impressive accommodations.

For more tips on accommodation in Malmo, check out this article with the 8 Best Hotels in Malmö, Sweden.

How to get to Malmo?

The most used options are train and car. The train system in the region is very advanced and works in an exemplary way. And thanks to the Øresundsbron point, getting around by car is easy too.

Check out our article 5 Ways to Travel Between Copenhagen and Malmö for more information.

What to eat in Malmo?

After venturing into Malmo you are sure to be eager to sample the cuisine that this city has to offer. The city is full of charming restaurants and cafes, so enjoy!

A good place for meals is the Lilla Torg, as this place is full of cozy establishments with delicious foods. A good example is Drumbar and Coffee Shop Pronto.

If you are looking to experience the local cuisine, Bastard, on the Mäster Johansgatan is a great option.

Itinerary in Malmo

Before we start to list the best attractions of Malmo, it is worth remembering that most of the attractions of this city are very close and the best way to explore them is on foot. So, do not hesitate to put on some comfortable shoes and go walking around the city to venture into Malmo.

Visit Lilla Torg

This is one of the most beautiful places in the city, with colorful half-timbered houses from the 16th to the 18th century that are true Danish relics.

Despite this, the square itself is not so old, as it was renovated after being a parking lot for many years. Around the square are some charming restaurants and breathtaking buildings.

Be dazzled by Malmöhus (Malmö Castle)

To the west of Lilla Torg it is possible to find the large castle park, very famous among the Swedes for spending their free time.

Here, it is possible to have a picnic by the river, walk on the lawn and admire the castle building.

The castle was built in 1436 and is one of the most famous in the region, being the oldest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Nowadays, it is possible to find several museums in its interior.

Enjoy at Kallbadhuset and Ribersborgs Stranden

This is a perfect coastal walk, the Ribersborgs Stranden is a 3 km long beach and is perfect for a swim in the summer or a walk in the winter.

If you are visiting in the winter, do not be sad, several people still enjoy this beach even in cold weather. Whether to rest on the sand, visit the Kallbadhuset outdoor sauna or simply enjoy the view.

Enjoy the view at Mälmo Live

Mälmo Live is a cultural complex full of concert halls, accommodation, restaurants and various facilities. If you are tired of exploring the city, take a break there and enjoy the incredible view of the building.

Discover St. Peter’s Church

This is one of the main churches in Malmo, and was built in 1319 in the Gothic style. It is impressive to admire this beautiful building, which is the oldest in Malmo.

Museet Museum of Modern Art

This museum is part of the National Modern Museet in Stockholm and features some 20th century art exhibitions along with an impressive contemporary collection. The place offers guided tours and is an incredible destination to visit with children.

Explore the Möllevångstorget neighborhood

This is one of the most amazing neighborhoods in Malmo, known for its multiculturalism and it is possible to find restaurants from almost everywhere in the world. In addition to the restaurants, there is a market and shops with international products and a fresh vegetable market. Enjoy and visit a local bar, you will certainly be well received!

Have fun at Folkets Park Amusement Park

This park is inspired by Copenhagen’s Tivole and has skating rinks, a cultural center, amazing nightclubs, children’s playground, lively bars, a golf course and a dance palace. No matter your age, Folkets Park will have an attraction waiting for you.

These were just a few of the tours and attractions I recommend you do, if you want to check out the full list, read article 10 Things and Activities to Do in Malmö, Sweden.

If you have a second day of travel in Malmo, book that day to calmly explore the parks like Pildammsparken, Slottsparken, Lund’s Cathedral and the Museum of Modern Art.


Malmo is a passionate destination, so if you are in Sweden do not miss the chance to meet him! Although not well known around the world, this city is sure to impress you.

If you are planning your trip, check out our articles. We have some great tips for exploring and experiencing the best of Malmo.

If you have any questions or concerns about this article, write in the comments. It will be a pleasure to help you!

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

5 Ways to Travel Between Copenhagen and Malmö

Copenhagen, known as one of the best places to live and the capital of Denmark. This is a city that enchants thousands of visitors every year, be it with the charm of the local lifestyle or the enchanting views.

Malmö is one of Sweden’s best known cities, and the third largest in the country. Extremely vibrant, mixing the classic with the modern, this is a must stop if you are in the region.

Despite being in different countries and separated by a 12 km stretch of Baltic Sea, getting from Malmö to Copenhagen is extremely easy. Here we’ll tell you which are the fastest, prettiest and most economical routes to take from Copenhagen to Malmö – or Malmö to Copenhagen.

The Øresund Bridge

The best routes between these two incredible cities are only possible thanks to the Øresund Bridge. Considered an engineering masterpiece, the Øresund Bridge consists of a road and rail line that runs for 8 kilometers.

From there, the bridge gives way to an underwater tunnel. Yes, you read that right. An underwater tunnel in the middle of the Baltic Sea. In total, the bridge spans 12 kilometers, connecting Denmark and Sweden.

Crossing the Øresund Bridge is almost a must when visiting Denmark or southern Sweden. After all, where else would you find a bridge that connects to an underwater tunnel with a breathtaking view of the Flinte Canal.

If you are in the area, you will have a day to spare. Do the crossing, I bet you won’t regret it. There are countless attractions in Malmö for a day trip and Copenhagen also offers many tours. So no matter which direction you go, you’re sure to find an amazing destination – and crossing.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The fastest way to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

Train between Malmö and Copenhagen

When going to a large city, it is almost impossible to escape the heavy traffic at peak hours. When joining two of the major cities in the Scania region, this would be no different.

So if you want to cross the Øresund Bridge during rush hour and you are in a hurry. The best way to get across is by train.

The train that connects the two cities is called Öresundståg and runs all day between Copenhagen and Malmö central station. Trains leave every 10 minutes on average.

The one way ticket (one way) costs about 110 SEK and you can buy your ticket at the ticket machines, paying with cash or card at any of the stations. It is also possible to book your ticket online.

The bridge crossing is a spectacle, and doing it by train does not spoil the experience at all. It is certainly a worthwhile trip.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The cheapest way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen

Bus between Malmö and Copenhagen

If you are short of money and still want to enjoy the chance to see one of the most famous works of modern engineering. This is the right option for you.

Traveling by bus between Malmö and Copenhagen costs about 69 DKK / 89 SEK (one way). There is more than one company that runs this route, so there are more than 20 buses that run this route every day.

With this, you will probably not have to wait long or take a very crowded bus to cross the bridge. The downside? At rush hour the traffic is likely to be slow and the buses crowded.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The most comfortable way to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

Driving between Malmö and Copenhagen

Although it is a short trip, about 35 minutes, it is worth making the crossing by car. This is because you will be on your own, with no schedules for buses and trains.

Also, it is the most comfortable way to make the crossing – in your own car or a rental car.

There is a toll to cross the bridge by car, about 360 DKK / 515 SEK, and if you are renting a car, make sure you do not have to pay an additional fee for crossing an international border.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

How to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen without crossing the Øresund Bridge

Traveling by ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen

Although not a widely used option after the Øresund Bridge was built in 2000, there is the option of crossing the channel by ferry.

Prices are around £130.00 and the ferries stop in cities near Copenhagen, not in the capital. If for some reason you would not like to cross the Øresund Bridge, reconsider this decision. It is considered by many to be one of the best attractions in the region.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

Traveling by plane between Malmö and Copenhagen

This is another option that does not include the Øresund bridge in the route. It is possible to fly from Copenhagen to Malmö, or vice versa.

However, this is the least logical option on the list. This is because there are no direct flights between these two cities, so the trip would take about 5.5 hours of flight time. Also, flying is extremely more expensive than all the other ways to travel between these cities.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

Comparative table of ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

To help you decide which is the best way to travel between these cities, we have made a comparison table with all the available options.

Train39 minutes110 SEKFast and with a great viewCan be crowded
Bus1 hour69 DKK / 89 SEKCheap and with a great viewTraffic and crowded
Car38 minutes360 ​​DKK / 515 SEKComfortable and with a great viewTraffic
Ferry9h 5 minutes£ 130,00A great adventureDoes not use the Øresund Bridge
Plane5:30 hour£ 753,00Avoid the Øresund bridge (if you want to avoid it)Does not use Øresund bridge and expensive

To sum up…

The ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen are:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Ferry
  • Plane

In conclusion…

There are several ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen, choose the one that fits your trip and enjoy it! Our main tip is: Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most famous bridges in the world.

Any questions? Have you ever traveled between Malmö and Copenhagen? Still not sure which is the best way to get there? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to help you find an answer to your questions.

Sweden Woman Biking

7 Best Paid Tours, Excursions, and Activities in Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is a haven of attractions to be enjoyed by travelers and locals, with everything you would expect from a bustling European metropolitan center, from nightlife to cuisine and world-class museums.

Sweden’s third largest city is also full of places to visit that offer a break from the city streets and, instead, transport you to ancient times, lakes, castles and cliffs that are common throughout Scandinavia and each more stunning than the previous one.

With a remarkable and endless public transport system to the possible places of interest near the central region of Malmö, it is easier than ever to take advantage of a paid tour to have experiences that will never be forgotten.

1 – A walk through the Swedish culinary fairs

Discover Sweden’s culinary heritage through its taste buds. Try classic Swedish dishes like pickled herring, cured and smoked salmon and Scanian cured ham, as well as modern artisanal products like cheese, blackberry jam, cold meats, chocolate and ice cream from small producers and try some of the Swedish chefs.

Of course, all samples come with a story connecting them to the cultural heritage of Sweden and Malmö.

On the tour, Malmös fishing docks and new shopping venues in the Saluhall region are visited, taking a behind-the-scenes look and experimenting with seasonal specialties in restaurants and shops.

Duration: 1 hour, with a walk through Malmohus, Malmo, Skane County. On the way to the fishing pier, you can also see the huge Renaissance castles. The ticket can be purchased for US$ 58.

What’s included:

• Food tasting

• Light snacks

• Snacks

• Professional guide

• All taxes, fees and handling fees

What is not included:

• Alcoholic beverages (available for purchase)

Swedish Food

2 – Small group bike tour of Malmö

See Malmö on two wheels! Undoubtedly, cycling through Malmö offers a whole new perspective and is one of the best and most fun ways to see the city! On your 3-hour tour, you’ll see all the iconic sights, as well as the hidden gems that make this city so special.

You will have a fantastic overview of the historic city as well as the thriving modern city.

This is a typical itinerary for those who want to know the city with the smallest details. Passing through Malmo, Skane County and several other castles, in just 15 minutes.

In some stops, like in the church of São Pedro, it is possible to have a direct contact with the history of Sweden. It also passes through the Skane districts and the Mitt Mollan galleries. The ticket can be purchased for US$ 61.12.

What is included in this tour:

• Personal and relaxed guided tour

• English speaking tour guide

• Bicycle tour including bicycle rental

• Registration / Admission – Nova Fairy Tales Malmo

What is not included:

• Gratuities and food

Malmö Biking

3 – Boat trip on the Malmö canal

Float through the canals and under the bridges of Malmö, and discover all the wonders of this city. This shared tour, which lasts about 50 minutes through Malmö, brings all tourists a great introduction and overview of the city, and also informs about the most important points of each point. Guides, who are knowledgeable about the entire history of the city, comment on Malmö’s history, buildings and personality.

Malmö Boat Tour

Departing from Norra Vallgatan, opposite the central station, this tour offers a great introduction and overview of Malmö city center for all tourists. While listening to your guide’s information, you will pass through parks, the harbor and the Malmöhus castle in the old town, which will certainly receive special attention for everyone present on the tour.

On the way back, you will discover the modern part of the city Malmö. The boats are all roofless, offering the best view and photo opportunities. Get ready to duck when you pass under some of the lowest bridges in the city. Tickets start at US$ 18.00.

What’s included:

• Open boat sightseeing cruise

• Live commentary

• All taxes, fees and handling charges

• What is not included:

• Gratuities

• Reception and delivery at the hotel

• Food and drinks

Malmö Boat Tour cost

4 – Sweden sightseeing and shopping tour

For those who like shopping, it is possible to enjoy an exclusive trip to Sweden and visit shops, sights and all the other most popular shops. This tour goes from Copenhagen to the Malmö area, on the Swedish side, and includes landmarks and shopping opportunities, even for those looking to bring some souvenirs home, without spending a lot.

The guide, always prepared, will pick you up with a group of no more than 8 people at a given point.

Malmö Carl Gustavan Torg

Then, you will travel across Sweden crossing the famous Öresund Bridge, worthy of some first pictures. The best photos of the bridge are taken from the Swedish side, so the guide will certainly stop by.

In Sweden, the tour takes you to the special local store Vellingeblomman, world famous in Vellinge, a sophisticated village in the interior of Sweden, where you can start your first shopping in this truly unforgettable place.

Originally a florist, it is now a popular shopping destination for many Swedes and tourists who want to buy local products of various types. Take the opportunity to stroll through the flower garden, a place where flowers really stand out from the buildings.

While there, you should try the Swedish sweet Kanelbulle along with a cup of strong Swedish coffee, all on the house. Then, moving on to the city of Malmö, the third largest in Sweden, a stop will be made for a special lunch. Choose from local specialties such as herring or Swedish meatballs to eat, right in front of the sea.

In Malmö, the guide will show you some of the main landmarks of the city, which integrate the very well preserved ancient works with architectural constructions recognized worldwide, such as the old town, the Old Town and the Main Square. The iconic Turning Torso skyscraper is a must; the symbol of Malmö and at 190 meters the tallest building in all of Scandinavia. You should also visit Malmö’s brand new municipal market. Why not try a homemade ice cream or buy a Swedish chocolade to take home?

At around 3 pm, you can explore Malmö’s shopping opportunities on your own. You can walk between the stores on Södergatan Street or go to Sweden’s second largest mall: Emporia, with a selection of 230 different stores. At the end of the day, you will take the fastest and most comfortable route back to Copenhagen, traveling on the first class of the train.

Your ticket is open, allowing you to stay in Malmö for as long as you want. Tickets start at US$ 196.00.

What’s included:

• Local guide

• Bottled water

• Traditional Swedish snack (coffee and a savory option)

• Lunch

• All taxes, fees and handling charges

• 1st class open train return

• Coffee and / or Tea

• What is not included

• Alcoholic beverages (available for purchase)

• Gratuities

• Reception and delivery at the hotel

5 – Private bicycle tour in the interior of Sweden

Cycle through the countryside of Malmo, Sweden, on a private day trip from Copenhagen. With transportation to and from the Danish capital and across the Öresund Bridge, you will land in Malmö and start with a bicycle provided with a helmet.

Oresund Bridge from far

Focus on the rolling countryside of southern Sweden as your guide takes care of navigation, then stop for lunch at a historic Swedish farmhouse. A private tour for you and your group offers the opportunity to cycle at your own pace. Tickets start at US$ 190.00.

What’s included:

• Bottled water

• Lunch with local dishes

• Swedish local guide

• Coffee and / or tea Drinks / alcoholic beverages (available for purchase)

6 – Tour in Malmö with a Tesla

Are you running out of time? Then this is the tour for you! This is a unique Tesla trip through the city to the most famous landmarks. You will be accompanied by an audio guide that will guide you in each location. What are you waiting for? The ticket costs from US$ 120.13 for four people.

What’s included:

• 30 minute ride via Tesla

• Audio guide

• Photo stop x 2

• Map

7 – Skåne bike tour from Malmö

Skåne has a diverse character, both in nature and in culture. If you are interested in both, a trip through Öresund to Malmö is the perfect experience! You will experience both cities and nature in the forests and by the sea.

For those who like gourmet food, it is perfect to combine with different flavor stops at farm shops or castle restaurants in the Skåne countryside.

It is an ideal tour to enjoy and experience the true Swedish delicacies, such as homemade drinks, smoked salmon, cheese and much more. Skåne’s delights with locally produced ingredients can offer a new taste experience! The ticket costs from US $ 205.00 per person.

What’s included:

• 24-speed touring bike

• Skåne – Malmö vessel ticket or vice versa

• Train tickets on the Öresund bridge

• Map with attractions along the way

Woman biking Denmark

Other Tours, Excursions, and Activities to do in Malmö

You can find and book a full list of tours at GetYourGuide and Viator websites:

Malmö best tours and activities
Malmö best tours and activities TripAdvisor

It is! Malmö in southern Sweden is a beautiful place with many activities to do. So be sure to visit it if you are passing through Sweden or even Denmark! If you still have any questions, just use the comments area below!

Malmö Park

14 Day Trips from Malmö, Sweden

Are you visiting Malmö? Would like to explore the city and its surroundies? Would like to explore Skåne, the Swedish region where Malmö is located? So keep reading!

Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city after Stockholm and Gothenburg and the city that connects Sweden and Scandinavia with the rest of Europe. A little far from the city is the famous Oresund Bridge, which connects Sweden to Denmark. And although many people make the mistake of going north immediately after crossing, there are a number of good places that can be visited in just one day around Malmö. These are the main attractions of Malmö, which can be seen in 14 hours (or a little longer):

  1. Öresund Bridge

Lets start all over again. Anyone arriving in Sweden via the Öresund Bridge from Denmark towards Malmö has seen one of Malmö’s most impressive sights. On the eight-kilometer-long bridge there is a railway line and a road that extends to the island of Peberholm. The bridge continues to leave the island in the form of a tunnel, which reaches Copenhagen after just under 4 kilometers. While touring Malmö, you can also take a short trip from Malmö to Copenhagen.

Öresund Bridge
  1. Turning Torso

The most famous building in southern Sweden is located just three kilometers from Malmö Central Station. The Turning Torso skyscraper is undoubtedly the most attractive of all the sights in Malmö. The 190-meter-high building is based on a work of art by Santiago Calatrava called Torso. The peculiar shape of the city’s skyscraper definitely put it on the architectural map.

Malmö Turning Torso
  1. Stortorget in Malmö

Stortorget is the largest square in Malmö and dates back from 1530. It is one of the busiest tourist spots in Malmö, regardless of the season. Many street cafes serve delicious dishes ranging from Swedish specialties to sushi. The square also houses the city hall, the Scandic Kramer Hotel and the Kockska Huset, home of Jörgen Kock, who was mayor of the city of Malmö in the 16th century. In one corner of the square is the Apoteket Lejonet, one of the most important neo-Renaissance buildings in the city. The statue in the middle of the Stortorget represents King Karl Gustav X on his horse.

  1. Malmöhuss Castle

If you have planned a trip to the city of Malmö, be sure to spend at least a few minutes in the Malmöhuss castle complex. The historic building, built in the 16th century, is the oldest Scandinavian fortress in the Swedish Renaissance. Historically, it was one of Denmark’s most important defenses, to which Malmö still belonged at the time.

Today, the castle complex has become one of Malmö’s most extraordinary cultural attractions, as it houses several museums within its historic walls. Visiting the Malmö Museum of Art and the Malmö Museum is one of the must-see attractions during even short walks in Malmö.

  1. Malmö Art Gallery

With a mix of temporary exhibitions and contemporary art, Malmö Konshall is one of the largest art galleries in Europe. For this reason, it is one of the main attractions of Malmö, especially for art lovers. The museum was built as an open space made of wood, glass and concrete and has a variable roof.

It has a play of natural and artificial light, which further increases the brightness of the art salon. Anyone with short money on the trip need not worry. The Malmö Art Hall is one of the attractions of Malmö that has no entrance fee. Only those who also want an expert explanation from a guide have to pay for it.

  1. The Disgusting Food Museum

If contemporary art doesn’t mean much to you, a visit to the Disgusting Food Museum may be the right alternative for you!

There are 80 bizarre eating habits from around the world to marvel at. Most of the food you see here is freshly prepared and some of the delicacies you can even try to eat!

How about, for example, balut? It is a tasty Filipino egg. Instead of scrambled rice, however, you get a cooked duck embryo. It looks even better with a little salt.

In fact, we don’t have to look far to find disgusting dishes. In Sardinia, for example, people like to eat casu marzu. This is a cheese that is inhabited by cheese fly larvae. However, as these tiny worms can jump up to 15 centimeters, you have to cover your eyes while eating this delicacy. And don’t worry….there are vomit bags offered to all customers!

The idea of ​​the museum is really commendable. After all, the owners want us to think about our perception of food, since we are simply throwing too much food away. For example, why do we find it so disgusting to eat insects or meat raised in a laboratory? If we all have a different perception of what is crude, maybe we can find a more sustainable solution for our protein intake in the future! The visit to this very special museum costs € 18 per person and children have free admission.

  1. Church of Saint Peter (Sankt Petri)

The Sankt Petri kyrka or simply the Sankt Petri Church in Malmö is the oldest building in the city and dates from the 14th century. The red brick church was built in the Gothic style and is about 105 meters high. Although medieval frescoes were destroyed during the Religious Wars in the 16th century, the church still has enough attractions to offer to be on the list of the best places to visit in Malmö, even on a visit-only day. The impressive wooden hall and the restored wall paintings in the chapel are also worth a visit.

  1. Folkets Park

The Folkets Park in Malmö is the oldest public park in the world and one of the most visited places in Sweden. For 120 years, tourists and residents have come here to enjoy nature and relax on sunny days. The park in Malmö can be compared to the Tivoli in Copenhagen.

The green area with lakes, lawns and even a playground is a pleasant place in Malmö for those who like to walk, run with the dog or rest during a busy day. With many bars and ice cream parlors, the park is a very popular stop in Malmö, especially in summer, and in winter the large lake turns into an ice rink.

Malmö Windmill
  1. Kungsparken

Another well-known park in the city is Kungsparken, which was created in 1872 and is located next to Malmöhuss Castle. It is home to an English garden and tree species from three different continents. It is not only the oldest urban park in the Swedish city of Malmö and therefore one of the most beautiful sights in Malmö, but it also houses the sculpture garden, which is the park’s biggest attraction.

  1. Lilla Torg

Lilla Torg can be translated as “small place” and, although the place seems quite undefined on the map, it still attracts many tourists, even for brief moments. Built with cobblestones and surrounded by restaurants and cafés that open their summer terraces, this is where Malmö’s true life takes place.

In the summer months, many outdoor food stalls are set up in Lilla Torg and the square becomes one of Malmö’s main attractions. Saluhallen is a covered market where you can try foods from around the world.

  1. Gamla Väster

A little further away from the Lilla Torg square is Gamla Väster, one of the most colorful sights in Malmö, which you can leave to visit last on that busy day. The very low houses and the bricks in all the colors of the rainbow make a visit to Gamla Väster a must. It is one of the most pleasant places to be in Malmö. The houses are inhabited by locals, but there are also cafés and shops that have settled there.

  1. Kallbadhuset

The next sight in Malmö is not to take a picture, but to experience it. The Kallbadhuset on the beach in Ribbersborg is an unforgettable sauna experience. The Kallbadhuset is a small wooden building at the end of the pier, where you can relax in a beautiful sauna. Although cooling occurs in separate places for men and women, the sauna itself is accessible to both sexes. And according to Swedish tradition, bathing suits are not mandatory.

Malmö Peace Monument
Malmö Peace Monument
  1. Copenhagen

If you want to combine two city trips into one vacation, you can easily take a trip from Malmö to Copenhagen. The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is almost literally steps from the Swedish city of Malmö. From Malmö, you drive on the Öresund Bridge, which connects the city to Copenhagen. Copenhagen is one of the best cycling cities in Europe and therefore easy to explore by bicycle. Of course, sights such as the Little Mermaid, Tivoli and Nyhavn are a must-see on the cycle route.

  1. Skåne County

The city of Malmö is a good starting point for exploring the province of Skåne län, in southern Sweden.

For example, the small town of Lund is a popular day trip, the most famous attraction of which is the historic and impressive Domkyrken Romanesque cathedral. You can also take a trip to Ystad from Malmö. The city is known for its winding streets and half-timbered houses. The sandy beaches here are also a pleasant change from the sights in Malmö and the surrounding area.

In the Swedish city of Malmö, you can also book a tour that will take you to Höllviken. It is a small village on a peninsula between the Baltic Sea and the Öresund Bridge. This place is known not only for its beaches, but also for the remains of Viking villages that can be found in abundance there. There you can learn more about Vikings and even participate in traditional Viking era festivals.

That’s it! Don’t forget to check out our article 10 Things and Activities to Do in Malmö, Sweden.

Or, if you want to do some paid tours, don’t miss out our 7 Best Paid Tours, Excursions, and Activities in Malmö, Sweden

And if you have any questions, just let us know in the comments area below!

Malmö beach

10 Things and Activities to Do in Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is, without a doubt, one Swedish city that’s worth a visit. But in a city that’s filled with nature and art on every corner, it’s difficult NOT to get lost as you wander. So to help out, I’ve put together this list of 10 tourist attractions in Malmö for you to add to your itinerary. 

  1. Lilla Torg and the old town 

In my opinion, any trip to Malmö should begin in Lilla Torg, the most beautiful square in Malmö. The colorful half-timbered houses from the 16th to the 18th century are Danish relics, although the square itself isn’t quite as old as it was reformed just 12 years ago after being a parking lot for many years. In the summer, there’s a tasty restaurant and cafe, which I strongly recommend popping into. 

In the winter, the square is well-lit and oozes warmth, romance, and charm. Walking through an archway will bring you to Hedmånska Garden. Here, the Form Design Center displays and sells pieces of Scandinavian art from many companies as well as young artists just getting started. 

If you stretch your legs a bit through Lilla Torg and walk in the direction of the train station, you’ll arrive at Stortorget, Malmö’s historic market square. King Charles X Gustav is responsible for this work, which united the Danish province of Skane with Sweden in 1658 after the Peace Treaty of Roskilde. 

On the east side of the square, you can see the splendid Renaissance city hall from 1546. In the basement, you’ll find one of the best restaurants in Malmö, Radhuskällen, where the dishes are not so expensive, but certainly delicious. 

The oldest pharmacy in Sweden, Lejonet Apotek, is also a place that calls attention. I recommend a visit, even if you don’t need any medicines. The old medical equipment on display will really draw your eye as you imagine how medicines were once made in the old day. 

If you take a walk through Lilla Torg or Stortorget, you’ll still find many treasures from times past. So during this itinerary stop, pay attention to your watch because the time slips away fast! 

  1. Malmöhus (Malmö Castle) 

Swedes love parks and castles. And so it’s not so surprising that many locals spend their free time in one of the large sprawling parks, especially in the summer. 

Malmö is no different. If you head west after your visit to Lilla Torg, you’ll arrive at the large castle park with a lovely area of respite. South of the park, you’ll find the city library (Stadsbiblioteket). To the north, you’ll find the Malmö Castle with its beautiful museums and works of art. 

You can begin your visit by exploring the park, having a picnic along the river or the lake, then walking towards the castle. 

The Malmö Castle was constructed in 1436 by Danish King Erik von Pomerania, who also gave Malmö its bird-of-prey coat of arms in 1473. This Renaissance castle is the oldest surviving from the time in Scandinavia. Today, various museums are housed inside. 

The nature museum is on the ground floor, and the art museum is on the first floor. In the city museum, you’ll find many models of the city, alongside medieval ceramics and a knight’s salon, which are all worth visiting. 

The small maritime museum (Sjöfartsmuseet) is next to the castle just a few meters away. In my opinion, a visit to this museum is nearly as exciting as a visit to the castle. Here, you’ll have the chance to board a submarine or watch fish up close in their new aquarium. 

  1. Kallbadhuset & Ribersborgs Stranden 

Our next stop will take us to the sea. To the north, Slottsparken merges with Öresundsparken which ends in what they call “The Copacabana of Malmö”: Ribersborgs Strand. This large sandy beach extends nearly 3 kilometers in length and invites you to swim in the summer or take a walk in the winter. 

Many people visit the beach, even in the winter. Most likely also because Malmö, like many parts of central Europe, doesn’t usually have any snow. So all-year-round, the beach will give you a marvelous view of Öresund Beach and Kallbadhuset open-air sauna. At night, the entire path is illuminated making for another wonderful view! 

Ribersborg Kallbadhuset, also known as “Kallis,” is definitely one place that you don’t want to miss. This bathhouse, constructed in 1898 Art Nouveau style, can be visited via a long dock and invites the most courageous to swim in the sea throughout the year. There is also a wood-burning sauna, a SPA area, and a pleasant cafe that is a meeting point for young people, couples, and the elderly 

  1. Västra Hamnen (West Harbor)  

If you enjoy modern architecture and urban development, then you can’t miss Västra Hamnen (Westhafen). Since 1909, giant submarines and ocean liners were built in the Kockums shipyard and Saab operated what was then Europe’s most modern car factory. 

After the decline of the shipbuilding industry in the 1970s and the subsequent Malmö Depression, people began to turn to the development of the west harbor area.

This new neighborhood has almost no cars. In their place, pedestrians and cyclists have priority. Hopefully, this is something that can be replicated all over the world! 

During your visit, make sure to pay attention to the architecture and the neighborhood’s squares as you’ll see interesting things everywhere you look. If you’re coming from Ribersobrg, Stranden, the best route to get here involves walking along the Öresund boardwalk. This boardwalk will take you along the sea and through the Västra Hamnen neighborhood. You’ll also cross Daniaparken and Scaniaparken. 

In the summer, you can sit in the sun and people-watch. In the winter, the wind whistles delightfully around your ears.    

The heart of Västra Hamnen is the Turning Torso. This tower, designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, reaches a height of 190 meters and rotates 90 degrees from top to bottom. The tower is full of offices, meeting rooms, and luxury apartments…and is simply a splendor to see. 

At the base of the Turning Torso is a large ecological residence area that combines modern architecture with eco concepts. Renewable energy is just one aspect of this. Rainwater is also collected and incorporated in the water cycle. Organic waste is centrally collected and converted into biogas. 

The “Dockan” buildings also call this neighborhood home. IT companies, restaurants, and service businesses too. All is modern and elegant and sure to draw the attention of any visitor. 

For the young and the young-at-heart, Västra Hamnen has one more thing to offer: Stapelbäddsparken skate park. This skate park, with an area of 2,000 meters squared, is one of the largest in Europe and the world. Here, you can skate or climb the Boulder Park, the only rock climbing park of its kind in northern Europe. 

If you want to avoid taxis, from the center of the city, you can easily take line 2 to the center of this neighborhood. Another option is line 3, which skirts Malmö’s center. 

Oresund Bridge
  1. Mälmo Live 

When you tire of Västra Hamnen and walk in the direction of the train station, you’ll find a new complex called Malmö Live. This entire cultural complex is full of concert halls, meeting facilities, a hotel, and many restaurants. 

Malmö Live was inaugurated on May 2nd, 2015, and is a great meeting spot for locals and visitors. The building is open to everyone. 

  1. St. Peter’s Church 

A lovely, rudimental church with major historic significance. St. Peter’s Church is the oldest building in Malmö with foundation walls erected in the 14th century. From within, the construction is imposing and impressive. 

  1. Museet Modern Art Museum 

Visiting the museums of your destination allows you to meet its past. In other words, a visit to the Moderna Museet de Malmö is a must as it takes regional considerations into account and the architecture, once again, impresses. This museum is part of the national Moderna Museet in Stockholm and has art exhibitions from the 20th century as well as a collection of interesting contemporary art. The guided visits are short and children are always welcome. 

The beautiful museum building, constructed in 1901, was originally used by a Malmö electrical company. 

  1. Möllevångstorget (Möllevången Market Square) & Folkets Park Amusement Park 

And now we continue our itinerary outdoors. If there’s one neighborhood that reflects how multicultural Sweden has become, it’s Möllevången. With 174 nations represented in Malmö, you’ll feel it as you wander through Möllevången’s main square and the surrounding streets and find all you need to eat and cook food from around the world. 

There are restaurants, a vegetable market, and many small international shops. I don’t want to compare Möllevången to Berlin’s Kreuzberg, but there are certainly similarities! The neighborhood is very lively, but you can still find stylish bars and boutiques.

Folketspark, on the other hand, is an absolute paradise for children and a common meeting place for Malmoeites. It’s inspired by Copenhagen’s Tivoli and has many seasonal attractions, like an ice skating rink in the winter. The park is also home to the city’s largest variety of nightclubs, a cultural center, a dance palace, and garden bars for the adults, and a playground, terrarium, and adventure golf course for the kids. 

Between the two, you can have a picnic on the grass, go for a dip in the lake, or simply relax. 

  1. Emporia Shopping Center 

Shop until you drop at one of the largest shopping centers in northern Europe. Emporia is located in the recently-constructed Hyllie neighborhood, just minutes by train from Triangeln and Central Station (important: make sure you buy your train tickets before embarking!). In Emporia, you’ll find stores for just about everything – fashion, interiors, sports, and more. 

Major brands, from Italian designers to Myrorna and Clas Ohlson, are represented here across Emporia’s more than 200 stores. If you need a shopping break, simply head to one of the many restaurants for a delicious cafe or tasty drink. 

Whether you’re interested in shopping or not, you need to go up to Emporia’s roof to see the enchanting covered garden with benches and a spectacular view over Malmö. 

Turning Torso Malmö
  1. Art in public spaces 

If you’re in an unfamiliar city or an unfamiliar place, this means you must keep your eyes open everywhere you go! Use your eyes and your intuition to explore something new. When you walk through Malmö, there’s a work of art, a sculpture, or something else of interest on each corner, in each park, and in each square. 

The best restaurants don’t promote themselves with flashy neon signs. The most interesting stores don’t always have the most attractive windows. If you want to learn more about Malmö, all of these places, buildings, and expositions have something to say that’s worth hearing. So during your trip, pay attention to the things you see in public spaces. That’s how you’ll see the real Malmö. 

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And that’s my top 10 stops for your first (or second) visit to Malmö! If you’ve already been to Malmö, then you probably have favorite spots of your own. In which case, let me know in the comments area below!