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Best Malmo 1 or 2 Day Travel Tips and Itinerary

Malmo is Sweden’s third largest city, with a population of 300,000. Swedish is their official language, despite this, English is the language commonly spoken among the majority of the population.

Well known for day trips from Copenhagen, thanks to the great Øresundsbron bridge, Malmo certainly has incredible attractions that can win over even the most rigorous travelers.

Thinking about it, today we gathered some tips and a suggested itinerary of 1 or 2 days in Malmo.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Malmo?

Malmo is a city with an oceanic climate, with temperatures close to 0 degrees in winter and a few hours of sunshine. Therefore, it may be a good option to avoid the most severe cold seasons.

A good suggestion is to visit this city between May and September, especially in July and August, when the temperatures are warmer and more pleasant and the days are longer.

How many days should I stay in Malmo?

As we mentioned above, it is very common to have a roundtrip in Malmo from Copenhagen. This is due to the fact that the city is very well planned in terms of transport, making it possible to easily visit the entire historic center, where the main attractions are, in one day.

However, if you are looking for a quiet stroll to enjoy the city’s parks and thoroughly investigate the city’s historic spots, two days would be ideal to not miss anything during your visit.

Where to stay in Malmo?

If you are traveling by train, it is recommended to stay in accommodations close to the central station for a better commute. If you are driving, your options are numerous as Malmo has several impressive accommodations.

For more tips on accommodation in Malmo, check out this article with the 8 Best Hotels in Malmö, Sweden.

How to get to Malmo?

The most used options are train and car. The train system in the region is very advanced and works in an exemplary way. And thanks to the Øresundsbron point, getting around by car is easy too.

Check out our article 5 Ways to Travel Between Copenhagen and Malmö for more information.

What to eat in Malmo?

After venturing into Malmo you are sure to be eager to sample the cuisine that this city has to offer. The city is full of charming restaurants and cafes, so enjoy!

A good place for meals is the Lilla Torg, as this place is full of cozy establishments with delicious foods. A good example is Drumbar and Coffee Shop Pronto.

If you are looking to experience the local cuisine, Bastard, on the Mäster Johansgatan is a great option.

Itinerary in Malmo

Before we start to list the best attractions of Malmo, it is worth remembering that most of the attractions of this city are very close and the best way to explore them is on foot. So, do not hesitate to put on some comfortable shoes and go walking around the city to venture into Malmo.

Visit Lilla Torg

This is one of the most beautiful places in the city, with colorful half-timbered houses from the 16th to the 18th century that are true Danish relics.

Despite this, the square itself is not so old, as it was renovated after being a parking lot for many years. Around the square are some charming restaurants and breathtaking buildings.

Be dazzled by Malmöhus (Malmö Castle)

To the west of Lilla Torg it is possible to find the large castle park, very famous among the Swedes for spending their free time.

Here, it is possible to have a picnic by the river, walk on the lawn and admire the castle building.

The castle was built in 1436 and is one of the most famous in the region, being the oldest Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. Nowadays, it is possible to find several museums in its interior.

Enjoy at Kallbadhuset and Ribersborgs Stranden

This is a perfect coastal walk, the Ribersborgs Stranden is a 3 km long beach and is perfect for a swim in the summer or a walk in the winter.

If you are visiting in the winter, do not be sad, several people still enjoy this beach even in cold weather. Whether to rest on the sand, visit the Kallbadhuset outdoor sauna or simply enjoy the view.

Enjoy the view at Mälmo Live

Mälmo Live is a cultural complex full of concert halls, accommodation, restaurants and various facilities. If you are tired of exploring the city, take a break there and enjoy the incredible view of the building.

Discover St. Peter’s Church

This is one of the main churches in Malmo, and was built in 1319 in the Gothic style. It is impressive to admire this beautiful building, which is the oldest in Malmo.

Museet Museum of Modern Art

This museum is part of the National Modern Museet in Stockholm and features some 20th century art exhibitions along with an impressive contemporary collection. The place offers guided tours and is an incredible destination to visit with children.

Explore the Möllevångstorget neighborhood

This is one of the most amazing neighborhoods in Malmo, known for its multiculturalism and it is possible to find restaurants from almost everywhere in the world. In addition to the restaurants, there is a market and shops with international products and a fresh vegetable market. Enjoy and visit a local bar, you will certainly be well received!

Have fun at Folkets Park Amusement Park

This park is inspired by Copenhagen’s Tivole and has skating rinks, a cultural center, amazing nightclubs, children’s playground, lively bars, a golf course and a dance palace. No matter your age, Folkets Park will have an attraction waiting for you.

These were just a few of the tours and attractions I recommend you do, if you want to check out the full list, read article 10 Things and Activities to Do in Malmö, Sweden.

If you have a second day of travel in Malmo, book that day to calmly explore the parks like Pildammsparken, Slottsparken, Lund’s Cathedral and the Museum of Modern Art.


Malmo is a passionate destination, so if you are in Sweden do not miss the chance to meet him! Although not well known around the world, this city is sure to impress you.

If you are planning your trip, check out our articles. We have some great tips for exploring and experiencing the best of Malmo.

If you have any questions or concerns about this article, write in the comments. It will be a pleasure to help you!

7 Best Places to Visit in Scandinavia and the Nordic Countries

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are impressive, I am not sure if it is the fresh air or the incomparable landscapes, but this is a simply charming region.

One of the best parts of visiting these countries is the diversity of landscapes and activities to do during your trip. There is always something new and incredible to explore in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

Regardless of why we cannot deny that these destinations are the dream of most travelers. With that in mind, we have compiled this list of the 7 best places to visit in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries.

1. Aarhus, Denmark

Although not as well-known as Copenhagen, Aarhus is impressive and offers something for all types of travelers. If you are looking for culture, outdoor activities, incredible cuisine, and breathtaking scenery, this is the right destination.

There are several attractions available, such as the modern art museum, the outdoor history museum, and the deer park in Marselisborg.

Hungry adventurers should visit Aarhus Street Food, where food from around the world and delicious craft beers can be found at Mikkeller and Fermentoren.

Even though it is a big city, on the outskirts of Aarhus it is possible to find outdoor adventures together with nature. The beaches and woods for hiking are very accessible from the city center.

The city is easy to get around, because of the various bicycles that are available for free on the streets, you just need a plug to unlock them (as with shopping carts).

2. Roskilde, Denmark

Perfect for a day trip from Copenhagen, Roskilde is another must-see destination. One of its most popular attractions is the Viking Ship Museum, where 14 original Viking ships that were found in the city are showing.

During the summer, it is possible to sail on a replica ship and learn to row and sail like a true Viking, and best of all, in a place where the Nordics have been doing these activities for centuries.

After visiting the museum and navigating the extreme waters, it is possible to visit the open-air workshops where the historically accurate replicas of the Viking boats are created. For those passionate about the Viking culture, it is possible to enroll in special sailing and sailing courses offered by the museum.

This city is also home to the Roskilde Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This cathedral was built in the 12th century and has been the burial place for Danish kings and queens since before it was built, all the kings and queens of Denmark, since the reform, have been buried there.

Roskilde is just 30km from Copenhagen, 30 minutes by train from the capital, this is an incredible and extremely accessible city.

3. The Ring Road, Iceland

One of Iceland’s most famous trips is around the ring road. The ring road circulates throughout the country and takes five to two weeks to complete. Along the way, it is possible to be dazzled by waterfalls, glaciers, black sand beaches, and majestic views.

If your trip takes place during hell, chances are you will see the northern lights. And if you’re venturing out during the summer, you’ll have a chance to see the sun at midnight.

The best way to get to know the entire route of the ring road is by renting your car and driving. Thus, you guarantee that you will have time and availability to carry out all the activities in your sight.

As it is a very popular trip with visitors to Iceland, it is recommended to visit in the low season where rates are cheaper and paths are more empty.

If you choose to take your trip around the ring road by bicycle, camping, or with a rental car – rest assured that this trip will be incredible.

4. Stockholm, Sweden

Know that Stockholm is one of the most welcoming cities in the whole world. Public transport is absurdly fast and the shops and cafes around the city are beautiful and cozy. Visiting Stockholm is one of the most enjoyable cities travel experiences that a traveler can have.

Gamla Stan is perfect for taking pictures and walking, the museums in Stockholm are not lacking – one of the most acclaimed by tourists is the Vasa Museum, where it is possible to see a ship that has been shipwrecked for 333 years on display, fully recovered and preserved.

If you are going to visit Stockholm, take an afternoon to walk on the water’s edge watching the beautiful views of the archipelago while cyclists ride around it. It will certainly be an unforgettable experience.

5. Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is the capital of Finland, this is a beautiful city full of cobbled streets, stunning architecture, and charming old cafés scattered throughout the streets. Located on a peninsula, this is a seaside town and was already named the capital of design in 2012 and is home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, a place filled with Finnish maritime and military histories.

The city center combines the best of Finnish tradition and modern culture. For those interested in gastronomy, the Old Market Hall in Helsinki has enchanted both locals and tourist clients since 1889.

There are several museums scattered throughout the city with Finnish and international works of art, design, and history.

The city is perfect for walks and contact with urban nature.

6. Larvik, Norway

Larvik is a hidden city in southern Norway. Located two and a half hours south of Oslo, Larvik is a charming seaside town with breathtaking scenery, fresh seafood, and incredible Viking stories.

Also, it is located in the sunniest area of ​​Norway!

Larvik was one of the first Viking cities in the world, and tourists strongly recommend a visit to the Kaupang Viking museum to learn more about the region’s past. It is possible to participate in activities such as ghost hunting and Viking cooking classes organized by the museum during the summer in the city.

If you like art more, you should check out the local art scene at nearby Stavern.

Another must-see tour is Aula beach, one of the most beautiful and hidden beaches in Norway. Despite being difficult to find, the beautiful landscape is sure to be worth it.

7. Aland Islands

A visit to the Aland Islands is not usually part of the itinerary of travelers in the Nordic countries, but make no mistake, this is an incredible and charming region.

The Aland Islands are a remote area of ​​Finland, located halfway between Helsinki and Stockholm.

These islands have been disputed between Finland and Sweden for years, and because of that, these islands are home to a Swedish and Finnish cultural mix.

The landscapes of this island are one of the most beautiful that can be found, during the summer it is possible to cycle from island to island and to settle in huts by the sea along the way. Conversely, it is possible to tour the islands on skis.

In short…

The 7 best places to visit in Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are:

  1. Aarhus, Denmark
  2. Roskilde, Denmark
  3. The Ring Road, Iceland
  4. Stockholm, Sweden
  5. Helsinki, Finland
  6. Larvik, Norway
  7. Aland Islands

Concluding …

Scandinavia and the Nordic countries are destinations dreamed of by travelers from all over the world. If you ever have the chance to venture into these regions, don’t hesitate! Few places in the world are as loved as this region.

If you have any questions about your trip or that article, leave it in the comments. It will be a pleasure to help with your adventures.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

5 Ways to Travel Between Copenhagen and Malmö

Copenhagen, known as one of the best places to live and the capital of Denmark. This is a city that enchants thousands of visitors every year, be it with the charm of the local lifestyle or the enchanting views.

Malmö is one of Sweden’s best known cities, and the third largest in the country. Extremely vibrant, mixing the classic with the modern, this is a must stop if you are in the region.

Despite being in different countries and separated by a 12 km stretch of Baltic Sea, getting from Malmö to Copenhagen is extremely easy. Here we’ll tell you which are the fastest, prettiest and most economical routes to take from Copenhagen to Malmö – or Malmö to Copenhagen.

The Øresund Bridge

The best routes between these two incredible cities are only possible thanks to the Øresund Bridge. Considered an engineering masterpiece, the Øresund Bridge consists of a road and rail line that runs for 8 kilometers.

From there, the bridge gives way to an underwater tunnel. Yes, you read that right. An underwater tunnel in the middle of the Baltic Sea. In total, the bridge spans 12 kilometers, connecting Denmark and Sweden.

Crossing the Øresund Bridge is almost a must when visiting Denmark or southern Sweden. After all, where else would you find a bridge that connects to an underwater tunnel with a breathtaking view of the Flinte Canal.

If you are in the area, you will have a day to spare. Do the crossing, I bet you won’t regret it. There are countless attractions in Malmö for a day trip and Copenhagen also offers many tours. So no matter which direction you go, you’re sure to find an amazing destination – and crossing.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The fastest way to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

Train between Malmö and Copenhagen

When going to a large city, it is almost impossible to escape the heavy traffic at peak hours. When joining two of the major cities in the Scania region, this would be no different.

So if you want to cross the Øresund Bridge during rush hour and you are in a hurry. The best way to get across is by train.

The train that connects the two cities is called Öresundståg and runs all day between Copenhagen and Malmö central station. Trains leave every 10 minutes on average.

The one way ticket (one way) costs about 110 SEK and you can buy your ticket at the ticket machines, paying with cash or card at any of the stations. It is also possible to book your ticket online.

The bridge crossing is a spectacle, and doing it by train does not spoil the experience at all. It is certainly a worthwhile trip.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The cheapest way to get from Malmö to Copenhagen

Bus between Malmö and Copenhagen

If you are short of money and still want to enjoy the chance to see one of the most famous works of modern engineering. This is the right option for you.

Traveling by bus between Malmö and Copenhagen costs about 69 DKK / 89 SEK (one way). There is more than one company that runs this route, so there are more than 20 buses that run this route every day.

With this, you will probably not have to wait long or take a very crowded bus to cross the bridge. The downside? At rush hour the traffic is likely to be slow and the buses crowded.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

The most comfortable way to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

Driving between Malmö and Copenhagen

Although it is a short trip, about 35 minutes, it is worth making the crossing by car. This is because you will be on your own, with no schedules for buses and trains.

Also, it is the most comfortable way to make the crossing – in your own car or a rental car.

There is a toll to cross the bridge by car, about 360 DKK / 515 SEK, and if you are renting a car, make sure you do not have to pay an additional fee for crossing an international border.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

How to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen without crossing the Øresund Bridge

Traveling by ferry between Malmö and Copenhagen

Although not a widely used option after the Øresund Bridge was built in 2000, there is the option of crossing the channel by ferry.

Prices are around £130.00 and the ferries stop in cities near Copenhagen, not in the capital. If for some reason you would not like to cross the Øresund Bridge, reconsider this decision. It is considered by many to be one of the best attractions in the region.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

Traveling by plane between Malmö and Copenhagen

This is another option that does not include the Øresund bridge in the route. It is possible to fly from Copenhagen to Malmö, or vice versa.

However, this is the least logical option on the list. This is because there are no direct flights between these two cities, so the trip would take about 5.5 hours of flight time. Also, flying is extremely more expensive than all the other ways to travel between these cities.

3 Ways to travel between Copenhagen and Malmö

Comparative table of ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen

To help you decide which is the best way to travel between these cities, we have made a comparison table with all the available options.

Train39 minutes110 SEKFast and with a great viewCan be crowded
Bus1 hour69 DKK / 89 SEKCheap and with a great viewTraffic and crowded
Car38 minutes360 ​​DKK / 515 SEKComfortable and with a great viewTraffic
Ferry9h 5 minutes£ 130,00A great adventureDoes not use the Øresund Bridge
Plane5:30 hour£ 753,00Avoid the Øresund bridge (if you want to avoid it)Does not use Øresund bridge and expensive

To sum up…

The ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen are:

  • Train
  • Bus
  • Car
  • Ferry
  • Plane

In conclusion…

There are several ways to travel between Malmö and Copenhagen, choose the one that fits your trip and enjoy it! Our main tip is: Don’t miss the opportunity to see one of the most famous bridges in the world.

Any questions? Have you ever traveled between Malmö and Copenhagen? Still not sure which is the best way to get there? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to help you find an answer to your questions.

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden

5 Main Cities and Destinations to Visit in Sweden – Itinerary

Sweden is the largest country in Scandinavia, it draws attention to its natural beauty and its safe, wooded, and clean cities. Another fact that draws attention is that this country offers a huge range of experiences, to please any itinerary.

The elegant and peaceful cities of this country are famous all over the world, together with their incredible museums, passionate cafés, and an inviting atmosphere.

There are thousands of islands off the coast of Sweden, including some cities on that list, and the continent is dominated by trees and forests until they reach the mountains of northern Lapland – an unmissable destination to see the northern lights.

Cosmopolitan and historic, Sweden contains many incredible destinations for you to explore. Meet some of them here:

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden


The country’s capital owns one of the most beautiful spaces in the region. Being the main point of entry for most international flights, it is therefore typically the starting point for any visit.

Stockholm is one of the most cultured capitals in Europe, its space combines historic cobbled streets with avant-garde design, haute cuisine, and incredible nightlife.

One of the main curiosities is that this city is spread over 14 islands, despite that it is easily accessed thanks to its underground metro and the more than 50 bridges, with cycle paths, in the region. Water taxis and kayaks are also used for transportation in this region.

Being surrounded by water, the capital of Sweden displays breathtaking landscapes, most of them at the water’s edge. The old part of the city, called Gamla Stan, preserves beautiful historic buildings, which makes an incredible contrast with the modern and youthful atmosphere that dominates the other regions of the capital.

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden


Located on the shores of the Baltic Sea, Malmö is a multicultural city, with an incredible mix of rich historical heritage and modern buildings. This is Sweden’s third-largest city and is at the southern tip of the country, just 36 minutes by train from Denmark.

The historic center of Malmö, known as Gamla Staden (Old Town), is located in three public squares. The smallest, called Lilla Torg (small square), has several outdoor cafes and is the best of the three to enjoy the picturesque Scandinavian atmosphere.

As in Stockholm, Malmo’s landscape combines a mix of old and new. The Oresund Bridge stretches over eight kilometers across the strait between Sweden and Denmark, before diving into an artificial island to end the journey through a tunnel! It sounds like an incredible experience, right?

This city has a lot to offer such as incredible museums, an unmissable waterfront, several galleries and restaurants, a vibrant nightlife, an open-air market … There are countless opportunities to be dazzled by this place.

A curiosity, Malmö is also known as one of the best cities in the world for cycling.

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden


This is one of the best cities to enjoy summer in Sweden, and it is also considered by many to be one of the most beautiful places in northern countries. One of the largest ports in the world is located in this city, but today the city is more recognized for being a trendy destination, where gastronomy, fashion, art, and design are acclaimed by everyone.

There are several leisure offers and events to plan your visit. Gothenburg is located in an archipelago, west of Sweden, and is perfect to be discovered.

Oh and here are some tips, don’t miss the chance to visit Maritiman, the largest floating museum of ships in the world! It can be seen on the river Göta, near the opera house. Other points that are worth your visit are the Gothenburg Art Museum, the Volvo Museum, and the World Culture Museum.

Make sure to check the city’s agenda before scheduling your visit, as the city celebrates several incredible festivals throughout the year. One of the most beloved are: the February Film Festival, the West Pride in May, the Christmas market, and the celebrations in Julstaden.

And if you’re looking for free activities and attractions, read this article with 7.5 Things to Do for (Almost) Free in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’m sure you will find something that fits your itinerary!

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden


This is the fourth largest city in the country, considered as the best Swedish university city, which guarantees a vibrant cultural atmosphere full of young people and new ideas.

This city is crossed by the river Fyris, with the historic center to the west and the business district to the east. The medieval center is considered the main historical and religious point in the whole of Sweden. Sweden’s largest cathedral, Uppsala Domkyrka, is located in that city as well.

Every year, on April 30, Uppsala celebrates the Valborg festival, which celebrates the arrival of spring in Sweden. Festivities include float parades on the River Fyris, concerts, and daytime street parties.

Uppsala is just an hour north of Stockholm, making it a doable day trip or stopover in the Swedish capital.

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden


Gotland is Sweden’s largest island, and one of the country’s top beach destinations. If your trip is scheduled for the summer, don’t miss this incredible destination!

This island is located on the southeast coast of the continent, close to the Baltic Sea, and can be reached in a 30-minute flight or a 3-hour ferry.

I know that when we think of Scandinavia, the last thing on our minds is the beach, but Gotland is a great summer destination, which in the summer gets 20 hours of sunshine a day and reaches very high temperatures!

Even though Gotland is very popular with locals, it is often overlooked by tourists and foreign travelers. But the truth is that Gotland is an incredible place, filled with rock and sand beaches.

One of the most beautiful places in the region is between Sjaustrehammaren and Ljugarn, on the east coast, and has golden sand and stunning pine forests.

Even though it is famous for its beaches, the city of Visby has gained UNESCO status for its remarkable medieval city wall, cathedral and ruins. The wall maintains its original structure of 36 towers, with the best view from the north gate. Visby has many charming cafes and shops to keep travelers busy, but the smaller villages scattered around the island are also worth a visit.

Public transport in Gotland is limited to a couple of bus routes, but you can reach much of the landscape by bicycle.

Main Cities to Visit in Sweden

How to Save on Transportation in Scandinavia

With so many amazing cities spread across Sweden it is difficult to choose just one, right? I know that Sweden is not an economical destination, but with good planning, it is possible to save a large amount of money and visit several must-see destinations throughout this region.

One of the things you can save with is transportation, using the Scandinavia Pass you can travel by train unlimited times between 4 countries: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland. And believe me, this can save you a lot of money! In addition to giving you much more freedom and autonomy to plan your travel itinerary.

If you want to know more about the Scandinavia Pass, read this article How to Get Around Scandinavia on a Budget: Scandinavia Pass. It contains some valuable tips for travelers who plan to visit this region.


There are several incredible destinations in Sweden, so if you are thinking of visiting any of these places, know that you will have an unforgettable experience. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, stripped-down cities, and unforgettable historical tours, make sure you are going to the right place!

If you have any questions about Sweden or travel in general, leave them in the comments. I will love to help you.

Attractions Copenhagen

11 Best Attractions & Activities in Copenhagen for Tourists and Locals

If you are visiting Malmö, you should know that you are just 1 hour by bus from the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Yes it is! It is very worthwhile to make a small detour to visit the largest city in Denmark.

Copenhagen is a lively city, very famous among travelers. If this is your first time visiting this place, there are some attractions that you cannot miss and that you will find below.

But first, here’s a tip. If you go to the Danish capital the best way to get around there is with bicycles or public transport. This is because the city was carefully planned to facilitate these means.

How to get from Malmö to Copenhagen

There are three options for taking this route:

  • By car, it is possible to rent a car and make the journey;
  • By bus, the company that makes this route is Grahundbus and the stop of this bus is in front of The Royal Danish Teathre;
  • By train, the train to Copenhagen leaves Malmö Central station (Lokgatan) and arrives at Copenhagen central station (København H);

11 Attractions and Tours to do in Copenhagen

  1. Visit the Little Mermaid statue and the Kastellet

The Little Mermaid Statue was carved in 1913 and is a tribute to the story’s creator Hans Christian Andersen, a Danish writer who also wrote the story of the Ugly Duckling.

The Kastellet (citadel) is a preserved fortification from 1664. Today it functions as a kind of park where people go for walks and outdoor activities.

In addition to the Little Mermaid statue, the site also houses a very charming Baroque church (Saint Albans Church), military buildings and even a windmill.

2. Walk through Nyhavn

Nyhavn means new port, and is one of the most visited areas in Copenhagen. The canal, in the style of the Dutch channels, is surrounded by colorful houses, bars and restaurants.

3. Have fun in the Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens was opened in 1843, and is an amusement park in the center of Copenhagen. It is one of the oldest amusement parks in the world still in operation and the most visited theme park in Scandinavia.

4. Discover the free city of Christiania

Christiania is also known as Cidade Livre de Christiania, and is an independent community of approximately 850 inhabitants founded by people in search of an alternative lifestyle in the 1970s.

If you love graffiti, artistic attractions and enjoy having a diverse experience on your trip, don’t miss Christiania!

5. Watch the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace

This is the official winter residence of the Danish royal family. It is formed by 4 palaces that are identical on the outside, and are arranged around an octagonal square. In the center of this square is a statue of King Frederick V, the founder of Amalienborg.

Among the four buildings, only one of them is open for visitation, the site houses a museum with exhibitions of the monarchy.

And a tip for those who visit Amalienborg Palace is that there is a daily changing of the guard at noon in the square. It is an attraction that lasts around 15 minutes and something different to see, and detail, is free.

6. Appreciate the structure of the Marble Church

This church started to be built in 1740. With the death of the responsible architect, in 1754, the works were paralyzed for 150 years. Finally, it opened on August 19, 1894.

From the Amalienborg palace square you have a beautiful view of the church. It is possible to climb on its dome, and from there you have a beautiful view of the city.

A curiosity is that the church has the largest dome among all the churches in Scandinavia, with 31 meters in diameter that are supported by 12 columns.

7. Strøget pedestrian walk

Copenhagen’s main shopping street is in the heart of the city. Strøget is one of the longest pedestrian streets in Europe, 1.1 km in length from the Town Hall Square (Rådhuspladsen) to Kongens Nytorv.

And curiosity, it is one of the oldest streets in Europe. If it is Christmas time, you will find the whole street lit up at night with a decoration that leaves everyone dazzled.

8. Visit the Chistiansborg Palace

This palace is located on the small island of Slotsholmen, and is the seat of the Danish parliament. Parts of the palace are used by the royal family for various functions and events. It is possible to visit some parts of the castle for free.

9. See Copenhagen from the top at the Vor Frelsers Kirke church lookout

Even if you’re not a big fan of churches, the Vor Frelsers Kirke church or Church of Our Savior is worth a visit.

The reason, this church has a spiral tower where visitors can climb, about 400 steps, and reach the top of the tower. There is the viewpoint of the church, where you can see one of the most beautiful views in the region.

10. Go to Rosenborg Castle

This is a Renaissance castle that was built in the early 17th century. The furniture, objects and interior of the castle reflect all the pomp and circumstance of the monarchy of the time. Rosenborg was opened to the public as a museum in 1838. I also recommend a stroll through the castle’s splendid gardens.

11. Visit Carlsberg

For those who like beer, there is a delicious tour in Copenhagen, a visit to the Carlsberg brewery. This visit takes place at the old brewery factory. The visit also includes a beer tasting.

Where to Buy Tickets Online for the Best Copenhagen Attractions, Tours and Excursions?

Some of the tours above can be purchased in advance through specialized websites such as GetYourGuide, Civitatis, Viator, and Tiqets. Perfect to save money and make sure you can visit the place you want without any problems! Here are the Copenhagen tours and attractions I recommend:


Tours Copenhague


Tours Copenhague


Tours Copenhague


Tours Copenhague

Summing up…

Copenhagen is an unmissable destination. Here are the main attractions of this incredible city:

  1. Visit the Little Mermaid statue and the Kastellet
  2. Walk through Nyhavn
  3. Have fun in the Tivoli Gardens
  4. Discover the free city of Christiania
  5. Watch the changing of the guard at Amalienborg Palace
  6. Appreciate the structure of the Marble Church
  7. Strøget pedestrian walk
  8. Visit the Chistiansborg Palace
  9. See Copenhagen from the top at the Vor Frelsers Kirke church lookout
  10. Go to Rosenborg Castle
  11. Visit Carlsberg

Concluding …

Copenhagen is full of incredible destinations and attractions to visit. Do you know any attractions that were not on the list? Any comments or questions?

Leave it in the comments, we’re here to help!