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New and old in Malmö

8 Best Hotels in Malmö, Sweden

Joined to Copenhagen by the Öresund bridge, Malmö is a very cool city, which has improvement for all audiences. It has the tallest building in Scandinavia, the impressive ‘Turning Torso’, a collection of world-class museums and some beautiful parks, where you can rest in complete safety. 

There is also a population that includes about 150 different nationalities, all contributing to the food, such as parties, music and lifestyle. Without a doubt, Malmö is a city that everyone should know.

If you’re here for history, Galma Staden, or Old Town, is probably one of the best places to stay in Malmö, a place rich in culture. In addition to being in the heart of the city, you are also close to the castle. But if you’re looking for a nightlife when reviewing the best hotels in Malmö, you should be close to trendy restaurants and bars, so take a look around the rebuilt harbor area.

Malmö was founded by the Danes – for several centuries it was the second largest city in all of Denmark – which is why some neighborhoods and streets are filled with Danish-style half-timbered houses. Before the bridge – which is the longest cable road bridge in the world – opened in 2000, Malmö was a very industrial city, the largest employer of which was a shipbuilding company.

If you are looking for traditional Malmö markets, you will find them in Möllevångstorget square, which is surrounded by Asian and Middle Eastern shops and restaurants and several bars. If you’re looking for high-end shopping and fine dining, try Davidshallstorg.

Malmö is a great place for pedestrians and cyclists, but there is also a very good bus network. There are many beautiful parks – great for swimming and sunbathing if you’re here in the summer or, in fact, in the winter too, if you wish – Ribersborgsstranden beach is known for swimming on the ice … who’s up?

Christmas Tree Malmö

What Not to Miss in Malmö

The Old Town, the castle (Malmöhus Slott) and the three main squares in the heart of Malmö are probably the best places to start exploring. When traveling to Malmö, these must be the first places to visit!

Stortorget, which means a large square, is where you will find the beautiful city hall of Malmö. Lilla Torg, or small square, is where you will find many cafes and restaurants, while the third square, Gustav Adolf Square, is the best place for shopping.

One of the highlights of the Malmö museum is the Moderna Museet Malmö, the museum of modern art in an impressively converted turbine room.

Malmö Castle is a stunning 16th century castle that is definitely worth a visit.

Our choice of the best places to stay in Malmo are very present in the city center, an ideal place whatever the reason for your visit.

The Best Hotels in Malmö

  1. Ängavallen

This organic hotel is located just 20 minutes from Malmö, on the road to Trelleborg. Ängavallen is a small and cozy hotel, with 19 rooms starting from four stars. The rooms have a simple and rustic design, with lots of light. The walls are painted in pure white, with an open brick arch and wooden furniture. All the materials used in the hotel are ecological and organic, which brings a special charm to the environment. Don’t miss the organic breakfast, with locally sourced food.

  1. Comfort Hotel Malmö

Located in a historic building near the central station, it is located at the Comfort Hotel Malmö, a trendy and trendy hotel, visited by many influencers. The rooms are decorated in a chic rock style, with brightly colored walls, modern paintings and wooden furniture. 

The building’s history is also shown in its large windows, beautiful chandeliers and golden pillars. The hotel rooms are divided into two categories: smaller budget rooms and larger standard rooms. An unusual highlight is the hotel’s gym, located in an old ballroom.

  1. Teaterhotellet

The Teaterhotellet is a cozy hotel next to the Malmö Opera House. The modern design is highlighted by dark wood furniture, cozy cores and simple decor. The Konsthall of Malmö, featuring modern and contemporary art, is close to the hotel, as is Pildammsparken Park. 

The hotel offers a delicious breakfast buffet, including hot dishes, a variety of breads and cheeses, yogurt, cookies, natural juices, tea and coffee.

Malmö University Building
  1. First Hotel Jörgen Kock

The First Hotel Jörgen Kock is located on the street of the same name, in the center of Malmö. This modern hotel has standard, superior and deluxe rooms, as well as suites. The rooms are spacious, with simple decor in an international style. 

Near the hotel, you can find several restaurants and other entertainment options, and the hotel itself has a bistro and a meeting room. Relax with a cup of coffee or tea in the house’s bistro, warming your toes in the open fireplace.

  1. Quality Hotel Konserthuset

Located next to the Malmö Concert Hall, is the Quality Hotel Konserthuset. This large, modern hotel is close to the Convention and Exhibition Center and within walking distance of other points of interest and sights in the city. The rooms on the upper floors offer excellent views of the street and the wide area of ​​Malmö. Enjoy the large bathrooms and the comfortable decor of the rooms.

  1. Rut and Ragnars Hostel

Rut and Ragnars is a newly renovated hostel located in the center of Malmö, close to Möllevången. The inn’s warm and welcoming atmosphere is created by soft yellow and green tones, wooden furniture and large windows. 

The hostel offers single and double rooms, rooms with four and six beds and two bedrooms with 20 beds each. Dorms are divided into smaller niches by curtains, creating a slightly more private atmosphere, unusual in larger hostel dorms.

  1. Renaissance Malmö

The Renaissance Malmö hotel is a centrally located hotel from which you can easily explore the city. This is a modern hotel, with contemporary design and decor. The small boutique-style hotel is located next to Lilla Torg (“small square”), a historic area full of restaurants and bars. 

The hotel has its own restaurant, Rosen Bar & Dining, where you can enjoy traditional Swedish cuisine with a modern twist and relax in elegant surroundings.

  1. Hotell Baltzar

Hotell Baltzar is a charming and cozy hotel located in the center of Malmö. Nearby is the beautiful Lilla Torg square, where bars and restaurants are located. The hotel offers 45 rooms, all with simple and elegant designs. 

The rooms have colorful walls, with a palette ranging from yellow to green, and polished wooden furniture. The rooms are well lit by large windows, which offer views of Lilla Torg, the Town Hall and the castle of Malmö.

That’s it! If you have any questions about accommodation in Malmö, just use the comments area below which we always answer!